Understanding What Is Autism

Many of you would probably know what autism is through watching the movie Rain Man, whose character was so brilliantly played by Dustin Hoffman. The movie highlighted many of the frustrations faced by families with dealing with an autistic child or adult. It sheds light on the daily realities that a high-functioning person must face […]

How to Show Support for Autism

Dr. Fuentes, a leading Autism researcher, published a checklist to help empower individuals living on the spectrum as well as educate those who worked or lived with individuals with Autism. The checklist is evidence based and is entitled “How to Support me.” Dr. Fuentes says, “We see in our nations a radical evolution in the […]

Solutions For Inappropriate Behavior In Autism Teens In Puberty

Changes in adolescent behavior has to do with sexuality. Between the ages of 9-17 years old depending on the child’s biology the child is growing into their teen years, and their body is taking them into adulthood. To get through this transition smoothly, the child needs to understand the difference between public and private. They […]

What Is Asperger’s Syndrome And How Does It Affect Adults?

Asperger’s syndrome is a development disorder related to the autistic spectrum, but at a much higher level of functioning. Unlike those with autism, those who have Asperger’s syndrome generally learn the same way average people do, learning to speak at a young age and eventually attending school in the same classes and at the same […]

Autism Symptoms and Cure in Children

Information related to autism in children reveals that one out of every one hundred and fifty children have this disease. Autism is a known neurological disorder which affects many vital abilities including attention, thoughts, interaction with others, and perception. Statistics show that children are at a far greater risk of having autism than adults. Early […]

Adult Autism Does Not Have to Hurt Your Relationship

ed books and shows may be trivial, they are still educational and can advice a top activity autistic bigger accept amusing interaction 3. Control Compulsiveness – Autistics tend to resort to besetting behavior if faced with a amusing bearings that is new or lacks authoritativeness such as dating or affair anyone for the aboriginal time. […]